Women leaders in the Fire Service


Women leaders in the Fire Service. In today’s episode Judith Germain speaks to David Hollenbach about what women bring to the Fire Service that men don’t. David is coming back from losing his career due to some personal decisions he had made. Recovering from job related PTSD, the embarrassment of being international news and losing the things that matter most to him.

David almost became a statistic and he is now on the path to ensuring that others benefit from the lessons that he has learnt. He is a retired Fire Department Battalion Chief, the author of ‘Fireproof: Your grand strategy for transforming failure into fuel for your future’, a motivational speaker, coach and mentor. He also hosts the popular podcast ‘From embers to excellence’.

This is an open conversation where David shares his story and the power of female leadership and the dangers of toxic environments where women cannot be themselves.

David Hollenbach can be found on LinkedIn here. His website is here.

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