World care and self care


World care and self care. Climate change there are those that claim that it is directly linked to how we inhabit the planet, while there are others who say it is a natural phenomenon. Of course we do have an impact on our habitat. It could be micro or it could be macro.

What is way more interesting is the following question. Does how we take care of ourselves reflect how we take care of the world around us?

As a species we impact nature in various ways. We cultivate plants in areas where they do not naturally grow. We domesticate various animals. We invent ways to overcome the drawbacks of different climates. And we explore! 

There are many plants which were originally tied to a specific region but are now grown on multiple continents, for example the potato and the coffee plant. Achieving this has been no easy feat, for example the avocado plant only thrives in very specific areas. Besides the difficulty, plants can bring various ‘extras’ with them such as insects, which can ruin ecological systems. 

We have taken various animals and domesticated them for companionship and/or a helping hand. Animals have been a key part of our societal evolution. The mixing of various animals can be very tricky. Cat and dogs are an example of this. Another example is the effect of introducing the mongoose had on various Caribbean animal species. It shows how delicate of a balance the animal kingdom works in and how why various animal ‘circles’ exist.

The impact we have on the world around us has been quite astounding if you really think about it. We are a relatively young species.

We have also impacted ourselves in various ways. Just as we cultivated plants in different areas, which brought various drawbacks and advantages. We have also ‘cultivated’ various behavioural habits. We learned habits from our parents, family, friends and various forms of media. Some habits are detrimental while others advantageous. Just as with cultivated plants, habits can bring unseen extras with them. Some extras are good and some extras are bad, this is why it is important to asses the habits you have and the ones you are trying to cultivate. What is the impact those habits have, how do they coexist and how much of those ‘extras’ are healthy?

Creating the right social circle is key to our development and mental health. Humans are after all a social species. Just as with domesticated animals, our social circle also has a tender balance. Someone may opt for just 1 social group while another has various social groups they interact with. Probably because not all of our friends and family mix well. Adding someone to one circle can have a disadvantageous effect, while adding that same person to another circle can bring remarkable leaps of improvement.

How we care for the world is very interesting where one strives, choosing to live in a ‘natural’ way, another might seek caring for the world by way of technology. And when it comes to taking care of ourselves we explore it in different ways where one person looks after their mental health but neglects their physical health, another ensures that they are in peak state physically and neglects the mental aspect. Of course what we strive for is a balance. One where technology and natural coexist and one in which physical and mental state both thrive. 

Do you take care of your environment as good as you take care of your self or vice versa?