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Authenticity Uncensored – yes really

Authenticity Uncensored – yes really. Authenticity is a word that is bandied about a lot these days in entrepreneurial and business worlds. Authentic messaging, authentic marketing, authentic offers, but what does that really mean? Let’s explore.

As a fellow Maverick, you will have a strong grasp on what authenticity is, you know who you are, what you want and what you are here to do. You have likely been told to tone it down, to play nice, to colour inside the lines, but of course, you cannot, you are a Maverick. As a Maverick you are only really comfortable in your skin when you are being authentic, but even for us, there are ways that we turn down the dial occasionally.

Let’s take a deep dive under the fluffy nod to authenticity and unearth the real story. 

Authenticity is defined as being genuine, but are the people espousing the use of authenticity in business even aware of what they genuinely stand for, who they really are, or even what they really want? To be genuine is to be a one off, and if we are one version at home, another with our friends and yet another in our businesses, then which one of those personas is the genuine article? We all have a base nature, core beliefs, and a purpose in this world, but we skirt around the edges of really, truly, expressing those things authentically because we are afraid.

We are afraid to offend others – but not you, you are a Maverick.

We are afraid to expose our true desires – but not you, you are a Maverick.

We are afraid to be our raw, gritty, messy selves – but not you, you are a Maverick.

When we truly, whole heartedly share all of the raw, real, authentic sides of ourselves, that is when we become magnetic to the people we are here to serve. Yet even Mavericks can be tempted to tone it down on occasions, although never for long. 

Are there places in your business offerings that you are toning it down? Are your messages being diluted in any way to fit into society’s ideals and expectations? I know for myself, even though I operate at an authentic level, state what and who I am for (and not for), that I have to stay vigilant in my messaging and offerings to ensure my authentic self is front and centre. 

We have marketing teams who try to steer our content in trending directions, we have business coaches who peddle ‘formulas’ and we copy writers who want to ‘tidy up’ messages to make them palatable to the masses, yet if you speak to the many you speak to none.

Authenticity Uncensored – yes really

So what is the temptation that seems to hook even us Mavericks back into ‘toning it down’? It is conditioning, it is collective fear, but when we acknowledge that, we shine a mirror on the shade and can avoid the traps. So today, dear fellow Maverick, I invite you to examine your offers, messages, and ways of being in the world with these pertinent questions:

1. Who are you really for and what would you say to them if no one else was listening?

2. When you look under the covers, where have you turned down the dial to fit in recently?

3. What are the thoughts that are returning to your mind and soul over and over again that you are not releasing into the world.

You, dear Maverick, are here to change the world – Authenticity Uncensored. You are here to do things in a whole new way, your way! So join me, please, in a collective eye roll about pretend authenticity and let’s show the rest of the business world what real authenticity is.

Michelle Clarke
Michelle Clarkehttps://empowermentempires.com/
Michelle Clarke is an energy maverick here to change the world. She’s obsessed with helping soul-led entrepreneurs to achieve transformational success by up-leveling their energy, mindset, and habits and helping them step into their power and speak to their authentic message. She encourages soulpreneurs to be unapologetically brave AF, tap back into their inner knowing and unleash their magic so they can become magnetic to their soulmate clients and bring their purpose into the world - because the world needs what they have!

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