Breast cancer and infidelity


Breast cancer and infidelity. In today’s episode Judith Germain speaks to CJ Grace about surviving breast cancer and infidelity. CJ shares how laughter therapy really helped her and the power of humour. She explains about the horrifying link of wearing bras and breast cancer and why despite being predisposed to have breast cancer she choose to keep her breasts.

CJ shares other facts about breast cancer and why doing your own research is so important. Ex BBC journalist CJ Grace is the author of two humorous self-help books, ‘My wild ride: How to thrive after breast cancer and infidelity’, just released, and ‘Adulterer’s wife: How to thrive whether you stay or not’.

Listen to the conversation as CJ shares with the audience the importance of living with purpose and key steps on how to thrive in your new reality.

You can find out more about CJ’s free resources on her website here.

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