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Leadership behaviour matters most!

Leadership behaviour matters most! I would like to begin with two quotes by someone I consider a leadership icon – Jack Welch (Former CEO of General Electric 1981-2001)

“When you were made a leader you weren’t given a crown;
You were given the responsibility to bring out the best in others”

That’s so true. I cannot agree more with these perspectives and I also believe that ‘it’s not about me, it’s beyond me, it’s about my people.’

I become a leader when I enable my people to grow.
I become a leader when I create more leaders.
My success is defined when my people lead others effectively and efficiently, even in my absence.

I believe that a leader is by definition ‘a person who leads people towards a common goal or a vision’ and leadership ‘is the ability to lead people’.

In my view, when it comes to people, it ought to start with self. Before becoming a leader, practice on yourself.

Hence, I say, “leadership starts with self.”
If I can lead myself, only then can I lead others.
If I as a leader, do not know how to craft my life’s journey and steer it; I doubt I will be able to facilitate my people to do so.

So, to be a leader, I need to:

  • be accountable for the leadership role
  • own my people (including their actions)
  • explore ways to unleash potentials
  • make my people successful
  • be instrumental in building multipliers (more leaders)

As a leader, it is my responsibility to minister to my people, by being a true role model and an inspiration.

Certainly, the most cherished yet liable role is that of a leader and a ‘good leadership’ indeed talks about the organisation’s climate.

Yes! Leadership Behaviour is What Matters the Most!

Behaviour – an action or a conduct.
Leadership Behaviour – a positive action that makes a person an effective leader.

As a Maverick Coach, I am keen to cross-learn. As an enthusiast I yearn to share my innovations with you, to ponder upon, reflect and share your views with me.

In this article, I am happy to share with you, ‘The People and Vision Model’ curated by me in 2021. I am introducing a small section of this model which shares some insights on the leadership behaviour.

The four-step model explains how leaders need to play their role.

Ritu Kapur
The People and Vision Model – Ritu Kapur
  1. Intent: Leadership starts with the intent. An intent to care, respect, connect, own and motivate.
  2. Behaviour: Intention is not enough, what matters is the behaviour. An act to show that you care.
    ‘When you care for someone, respect and trust is automatically generated.’

Respect and Appreciation is what everyone yearns for. If a leader is considerate enough, values others’ time and views; people feel respected. Behaviours like empathetic listening, being there to support, open to new ideas, appreciating and even admitting your mistakes, builds a great relationship.

A strong emotional connect and unconditional deposits during the moments of truth makes you an approachable leader, for sure.

Therefore, select positive responses for inspiring your people to experiment with new ideas. Empower your people and pilot the ideas to ensure experiential learning happens.

  1. Habit: Make your behaviours your habit. Reward your people and yourself on every achievement to encourage yourself and your team.

Reflect Back- ‘Leadership starts with Self’.
To lead others, start with self.
To get great results, start with a positive intent.

  1. Outcomes: Study the results and co-create. That’s what will help you establish trust.
    It’s all about caring for people. If you care for people, create a common vision and enable people, your people will go out of the way, co-create the possibilities and work towards a common vision.

Leadership Attributes at a Glance:

Leadership Attributes – Ritu Kapur
Leadership Attributes – Ritu Kapur
Leadership Attributes – Ritu Kapur

It is true not everyone is a born leader and leadership doesn’t come naturally to all. To become a leader, one needs to work on self; develop and practice the attributes consistently. It is important to challenge self-thinking, upskill and stay motivated to pedal through the ruffling changes.

On this Mothers Day (India)

Usha Kapur
Usha Kapur – Ritu Kapur’s Mother

Here’s a poem for my mother who is no longer with us. She displayed the qualities of a leader, and you can find most of the leadership attributes mentioned here.

You inspired me to see good in others, self-reflect and check my pace,
As learning happens all the time, insights can occur any moment, situation or any place;

You encouraged me to FOCUS- on my strengths, STOP- reacting and being fearful,
That’s what I did when my boat was wobbling in the storms of life at different phase;

Every time I learnt from you was that,
It’s important to recognise the seriousness of the situation and accordingly act;

Oh wow, what a presence of mind you had in every odd situation,
Instead of getting scared you bravely entered the unknown, though with a thoughtful vision;

You yourself faced a lot of challenges in life, and whatever direction it took,
Your love, courage and grit kept me afloat every single time my life shook;

Thank you so much for nurturing me outright,
Taking pains for me to soar up high;

I follow the path you showed to me,
Through your actions you became a role model to me;

Dear Mom,
I wish to convey with great pride, even though you are not around today,
No doubt, a TRUE LEADER was clearly visible in you,
Forever I will cherish those leadership attributes,
Which now I am going to surely replay.

Yes, we do have leaders at homes and workplace and get to see leadership qualities within the family, friends, and peers.
Hope you find one soon…
Trust you become one too… All the Best!

Ritu Kapur
Ritu Kapurhttps://rainmakersservices.in/
I am a Learning & Development (L&D) professional with 25+ years’ experience across diverse industries; have worked as an entrepreneur & full time L&D professional and held senior portfolios across varied corporate set ups. I am a Soft Skills Expert, Behavioral Facilitator, Master Trainer & Mentor and hold many certifications & Licenses including, Visionary Leadership Coach, Life Purpose Life Coach, Entrepreneurship & Family Business, Instructional Designing, REBT, NLP & Reiki. I have mentored teams in handling several projects & assignments from conception to implementation and have facilitated behavioral workshops and mentor-based webinars across the globe. Currently working thru’ Rainmakers Services Pvt. Ltd., as Director and Promoter catering to L&D needs of varied industries.


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