Sex drug and repetitiveness.


Sex, drug and repetitiveness. Sex and drugs are two things in society that many taboos are based around. Strangely, also the two things that are linked to having a high profile life. We all know the saying ‘Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll’. But what does this have to do with repetitiveness you may wonder. Before we dive into the subject please be aware that this article does not contain medical advice, is not written by a medical professional and most importantly if you find yourself suffering from any form of addiction, please seek out help from a professional. Now that we got all the legal stuff out of the way let’s jump in. 

Sex, sex and more sex.

You can almost say life revolves around it. It’s either out in the open and some would say to much so. Or it is treated as something that should not be talked about, to be hidden away from the light of day. Don’t you find it curious that one of the necessities for survival of the human race is treated in such a manner? The sex lives of high profile individuals is used for entertainment and determining political power. The sex lives of our family, friends, and or acquaintances are used to shame or revere them. Discussion usually comes down to frequency, amount of partners and/or what type of sex. But what are the reasons we engage in sexual activity? A quick search brings up topics such as love, duty, power dynamics, self appreciation, mood altering and escapism.

All can be quickly linked to expectations brought about by our social construct.

And then there is the drug taboo. Different forms/types of drugs have been around for centuries some chemically created and others that are natural. When it comes to drug use there are various reasons that people use soft or hard drugs. Some reasons are harder to control/ beyond control such as genetic vulnerability and prescription dependency. The curious ones lie in reasons such as experimentation, stress relief, pleasure seeking, recreation and authority rebellion. Here fore mentioned reasons could be linked to social systems that are in place. All reflect a strong need for change whether it be permanent or situational. So what is it within our system that bring about these needs. 

Sex drug and repetitiveness

The ’Sex, drugs and rock & roll’ life can be seen as a counter to the monotony of regular daily life. Our societal structure is maintained by systems and predictability on various levels. One might argue that even though these systems and predictability has brought us to the level we are at now, it could also be that they are counter to our nature. Before, we as a species would have to deal with the unpredictability of mother nature and now much of that unpredictability is gone. Could it be that experimentation in sex and drugs is linked to the loss of unpredictability for us as a species. We tend to search for new experiences when we are bored or unsatisfied with our current situation. The repetitiveness pushes us to seek new experiences. The easiest new experiences arguably are within sex and drugs. We can easily seek out new sex partners, try new sex positions and sexually experiment. We can easily seek out drugs/substances that help us escape or enhance experiences. And this can be done regardless of social status. This makes them the ideal way to bring about the feeling of unpredictability. One can even say that sex and drugs are the few natural escapes to predictability that we still have. And that these two are simply used to mask much deeper instinctual needs.

Which is why we all tend to be interested in the ‘Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll’ life. What are your thoughts?