What if your leaders are part of the culture problem?


What if your leaders are part of the culture problem? In today’s media landscape, prominent figures in both corporate and political realms are frequently exposed for their blatant misconduct. However, it’s crucial to address the subtler, yet equally harmful, micro toxicities prevalent among those in positions of power.

Are you inadvertently contributing to the issue? Chances are, you might be.

In this concise 35-minute conversation, Judith Germain, a Leadership Consultant at The Maverick Paradox, delves into pervasive leadership behaviors that are detrimental to workplace cultures with Becky Norman from HRZone magazine.

Join the session to explore:

  • Recognising the nuances of micro-toxic leadership behaviors
  • Evaluating whether you or your leadership colleagues might unknowingly perpetuate the problem
  • Creating a safe environment for coworkers to voice concerns about poor leadership practices

Listen to the conversation where Becky puts Judith through her paces as they discuss toxic leadership behaviours and Judith provides practical tips to change your leadership culture. This conversation was originally recorded on 8 August 23.

Becky Norman is the Managing Editor of the popular HRZone magazine. This was originally published as a webinar and is reproduced faithfully here in an audio format with permission.

Judith Germain, by challenging hidden assumptions and through insightful immersion, I create clear thinking and decisive leaders.

Leaders who execute well, transform the future, awaken and align others to diverse possibilities.

Maverick leadership is all about thinking outside the box and challenging the status quo. It’s about having the courage to take risks and the confidence to lead in a way that is authentic and genuine.

But amplifying your influence as a leader isn’t just about having a strong vision or a big personality. It’s also about having the right leadership capability and being able to execute on your ideas and plans.

The consequences of not having the right level of influence as a leader can be significant. Without the ability to inspire and motivate others, you may struggle to achieve your goals and make a real impact.

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