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Claudia Romero

Claudia is a highly skilled and experienced productivity, business resilience, and time efficiency expert and consultant. With a Business Management background, as a mother of three, including a child with disabilities and another with ASD, and as the owner of multiple businesses, Claudia understands the importance of balancing personal and professional commitments. She has first-hand experience with the challenges of overcoming adversity, including her current treatment for breast cancer. Utilizing her extensive research and knowledge in the field, Claudia helps business and team leaders increase team productivity by providing effective tools and strategies for managing stress and reducing overwhelm, leading to lower staff turnover and helping businesses achieve consistent growth and increased profits. Her non-traditional approach to productivity has been praised by entrepreneurs for its simplicity and effectiveness in overcoming overwhelm and burnout, allowing them to achieve their goals and have a sense of balance in both their personal and professional lives. As a captivating speaker, Claudia delivers top-quality masterclasses on achieving success in all aspects of work and life. Despite her ongoing battle with cancer, she has remained dedicated to building her speaking career and has been a featured speaker at virtual and in-person events in the UK and US. She has been nominated for two Speaker's Awards and recently received the Grit Award of the Year from the GTeX group. You can contact her claudia@romerocoaching and learn more about her work on https://claudia-romero.com/

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