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Friday, 27 January, 2023

Dr Dawn-Marie Turner

Take change from a liability to an asset. Dr. Dawn-Marie Turner, author of “Launch, Lead, Live: The Executive's Guide to Preventing Resistance and Succeeding With Organizational Change,” teaches stories, techniques, and the science to take your team from change-resistant to change-ready, from stressed-out to resilient. You can reach her at her website, Think Transition.

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5 things for high-performance teams

5 things for high-performance teams. Focusing on these areas can help you build supportive, sustaining, and resilient teams during times of uncertainty, struggle, and change As a change management consultant specialising in helping organisations thrive through...

Sabotaging Your Change Efforts?

Are Your Ideas of ‘Resistance’ Sabotaging Your Change Efforts? Too many leaders spend too much time and energy trying to manage resistance to change. Their concern about resistance is a major reason so many organisational...



Cancer Survivor – No to Positive Thinking

Cancer Survivor Says No to Positive Thinking But Yes to Humour. “You got cancer because you’re too tense! You need to relax!”  For the sake...

Don’t just think different

Don’t just think different, Do Different. It’s 2023, a New Year, and we all start out with great intentions: ‘I’m going to be slimmer, fitter, nicer,...

Humans do the messy things

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