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Dr Tomi Mitchell

Dr Tomi Mitchell is the host of The mental health and wellness show. She is a leadership and executive coach, speaker and writer.

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When Your Work Responsibilities Overflow

When Your Work Responsibilities Overflow, How Do You Stay On Top Of Things? In today's economy, many companies ask their employees to work more hours to cover vacancies. With skyrocketing inflation and job insecurity, it's...

Maverick Leaders can stop you burning out

Maverick Leaders can stop you burning out. To my fellow leaders, you know the ones of you who pride themselves on making the seemingly impossible. Those of us who can create from almost nothing. Those...

The Unconventional Leader

Levelling The Playing Field: The Unconventional Leader. Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have it all together? They are the first to get promoted repeatedly, while others stay seemingly stagnant in their...



Do we come ready-programmed for change?

Do we come ready-programmed for change? Some people seem to handle change effortlessly, almost as if they were born for it. Could there really...

Autism and travelling – not always easy

Autism and travelling - not always easy. Transport is essential for many reasons. Work, holidays, shopping, leisure, visiting friends/family. So easy for so many. Little thinking required. But...

Happy 6th Podcastary!

Happy 6th Podcastary! Maverick Paradox Media is for the pathologically curious (whether they are an entrepreneur or a leader within an organisation) who seek...

BRAVE and inclusive leadership

BRAVE and inclusive leadership. In today's episode Judith Germain speaks to David Mcqueen about his approach to BRAVE and inclusive leadership, his new book,...

Where good leaders go wrong

Where good leaders go wrong. In this episode Judith Germain speaks to Jim Wetrich about the key areas where good leaders often go wrong,...

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