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Janet Houlis

Janet Houlis is an accomplished business leader who combines commercial aptitude with a people-centric approach to deliver change, improve services, and achieve unparalleled customer excellence within organisations. With over thirty-three years’ experience within HR, operations and change management, Janet has a proven track record in directing change interventions, steering strategic planning and execution across multi-disciplined National and International communities, working with CEO’s, Global HRDS, Global Finance Directors, Operation Directors, Support Services, supporting both large corporates and SMEs within highly regulated environments. She has championed diversity and inclusion throughout her career, supporting clients taking meaningful steps on their EDI, Belonging and anti-racism journeys, ensuring employees remain at the heart of their business. Janet is a trained People Professional and Mentor. A Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (MCIPD), a Women on Boards Member, an Advisory Board Member and an appointed Trustee. Janet holds a Diploma in Professional Coaching (Distinction), Coaching & Mentoring International (Wolverhampton).

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