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Veronica Ebanks

An Afro-caribbean woman from Jamaica via London, now resident in the Midlands. Educated in the UK, a Biological Sciences graduate with a varied science and education past work history, to include laboratory roles in NHS and private laboratory testing, teaching science and support of young people and adult learners in colleges, community and alternative educational provision. Qualified as a holistic therapist, specialising in massage, aromatherapy and MFR; is a registered member with the Federation of Holistic Therapists, recognising that humans thrive when supported holistically, so offered home therapy services. While supporting a skin condition and creating oil blends for many years was compelled to launch a sole trader business in 2017, formulating and selling homemade, organic, vegan cosmetic skincare. A one woman entrepreneurial venture, where family and close friends were instrumental in encouraging this undertaking. Verelba Mind & Body (trademarked in 2020) is a small, evolving and growing brand promoting natural wellness, clothing, positivity and information. .An Independent Safeguarding Consultant trainer; delivering face to face and Currently building a consulting, coaching business to support mature women.

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