Business as usual is an Oxymoron


Business as usual is an Oxymoron. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but in the last few years a lot of technology has hit us that no-one expected to arrive for another ten years or so. What this means is that the climate that we live and work in has changed.

What THAT means is that there is no way we can carry on doing things as we used to do them. Everything has changed. This has always been true its just that, previously, the pace of change was slow enough to allow us to get away without changing and growing and that is simply no longer an option.

Increasingly, business as usual is shorthand for privilege, keeping it amongst the boys and pretending that the big bad world out there is still ours to play with.

There is no business as usual. There never was. Business has always depended on us understanding the people we work with and for, as well as the market we serve. And these things have never stood still because, well they are humans, not widgets.

The only defence against this ongoing encroachment onto the way we’d like the world to work is to accept it and adopt a growth mindset focused on continuous change, rather than a template based, widget mindset that is fixed and determined NOT to change.

When we become obsessed with systems, dashboards and data, we engage in retrospective navel gazing that insists humans can be approached and dealt with as blocks of data instead of as integrated, evolving beings that change over time.

As the information age makes information, knowledge, data and insight more and more democratically available, the old ways of doing things are becoming less and less sustainable.

The only way out of that is to jump ship now, while you can still see where to swim to. If your drive to change is NOT human centric and human led, you will lose the only thing left that matters: your people and your market.

Rules are there to give us more of what we already have. What we already have is not only rapidly diminishing, but also degrading business, society and the planet.

Let’s use data to learn from the past and leap into a future that doesn’t repeat the mistakes the numbers will surely tell us we made. Let’s NOT use the data to project those doomed patterns further into the future.

Let’s think about people first and systems second. Let’s forget about abstract, theoretical notions of finance and economy and make the world a better place for all humans… by measuring more than just share holder value and instead focusing on our communities, our ecologies AND our economies.

The time is now,

Let’s change.

Footnote from the Editor

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