Closing ranks allowed me to be the CEO!


Closing ranks allowed me to be the CEO! Are we too focused externally? As a Maverick, you are powerful for sure, but are you using that power to be the CEO Boss of your business, or are you leaking energy all over the place and wondering why your business is not growing? This article takes a look at one of the biggest energy leaks, over giving.

I used to be pulled in all sorts of directions, my energy was always reaching out, I gave and gave and gave, and then I was reactive because I was exhausted. I allowed things to sway me, I had no real centre. In fact I remember writing every year as part of my resolutions that I would find ‘centeredness’ at last, but I never did because I didn’t really understand what it meant, let alone how to get it.

And now looking back from THIS place of centre, I can see why I might have avoided it! Without being in it, it can look cold, lonely, closed. But let me tell you, it is divine, it is peaceful, it is calm, and it is power, soft, sure, power that allows me to be of so much more service than I ever was before. 

Before I found my power I took care of everyone, thought of everyone else first, did at least one selfless act of kindness everyday, in both my personal life and my business. And you might think, just as I did, what is the problem with that? We are taught, and rewarded, for acting this way. But here is the startling truth.

Constantly focusing outside of myself made me of LESS SERVICE! 

Focusing external to us produces attachment to others, giving with conditions attached, neediness, energy leaks, and a lack of personal stability and peace. Think about that for a second – I know it’s confronting, but I challenge you to dig a little deeper so that you can find your own sovereign centre and experience the next level of peace and freedom, and then be of even greater service to the world.

When we try to look for ways to be of use/help/assistance we are actually coming from a place of power, and denying that other humans are all powerful. When we help someone with something instead of handing them the power or tools to do it for themselves, we are buying into the power play.

Do you really think that people don’t have the inner resources they need to survive? Do you really think they NEED you?  When we do this, we take power, not give. 

I am not talking about giving to charities or doing nice things because you want to and it feels expansive and fun, because that shit is great. What I am talking about is ACTIVELY looking for ways to help when it is not asked for, taking over because you think someone can’t handle or do it as fast, giving to make yourself feel needed and better.  Giving from that place is CODEPENDENCY. 

It wasn’t until I owned my own power that I could acknowledge and see the power in others. I no longer see myself as the saviour, as the doer, or as more powerful than anyone else. Now THAT is true HUMILITY … seeing everyone as the powerful beings they are.

Humility is not playing down how powerful you are or what you have achieved, it is honoring the power in others.

We had a golden opportunity, CHRISTMAS WITH FAMILY.

This was a perfect time to practice letting others own their power. It can be as simple as not solving problems for others. Yesterday my husband was worried about getting concrete for a project, he asked several questions that there was little point in answering like “what if I cannot get concrete’, my answer was “phone them, then you will know”. I did not take control, I did not solve the problem, I pointed out that he could solve the problem. When he did not get my buy in, he then asked “but what if the truck won’t fit down the drive” my answer was “I trust you can figure it out”, I handed him back his power, and I went about growing my business. 

Closing ranks allowed me to be the CEO!

I don’t talk to anyone other than my own business coach about how to meet my next financial target, and I don’t ask my husband to solve my business target queries either, so why do we feel the need to step in and own the problem for others?

I will give you a clue, it is your knickers! Yep, women are taught to be of use! I don’t give my power away anymore, but I used to. I used to ask everyone what they thought, try out everything new shiny thing going – until I realised I WAS THE SOVEREIGN POWER BEHIND MY BUSINESS. And you are too!

Step up to be the CEO of your business – it needs you.