GCOlogist – 5 years and counting


GCOlogist – 5 years and counting. So what and why does it matter? It doesn’t mean anything or matter at all, unless being a GCOlogist makes a difference to those that I work with.

As an accredited GCOlogist and GC Partner, I can use the Change Maker Profile®, GC Index Profile® and The GC 360® in the work that I do. Some of the solutions (but by no means all), that we use at The Maverick Paradox are powered by the technology of the GC Index®.

So what is the GC Index®?

The GC Index® is a radical re-think of how organisations identify and nurture key talent; identifying how people at all levels in organisations make their best impact. It is a People and Organisation Assessment tool that is based on a high-level business cycle and identifies where individuals and teams naturally want to make an impact and contribution in the business cycle.

You can imagine why I was intrigued with the words ‘radical re-think’, as this is something that my clients and colleagues value about me. How I can often see the problem and the solutions concurrently to enable them to meet their challenges head on. The way I utilise Maverick Leadership principles to facilitate innovation and creativity for effective execution; so that clients move from surviving in a constantly shifting world to thriving within it. Enhancing leadership capability can be seen as an ‘umbrella term’ for what I do.

By challenging hidden assumptions and through insightful immersion, I create clear thinking and decisive leaders. Leaders who execute well, transform the future, awaken and align others to diverse possibilities.

My philosophy

Find your why, your purpose that drives you. Don’t just conform; stand out, be different. Embrace what makes you unique, follow your passion, and make your impact.

In doing so, you’re not just fulfilling yourself, you’re also contributing to something larger than yourself. Your individuality is the key to driving meaningful change in the world

Judith Germain

This is true for every employee, leader, team, organisation and business owner. There is a need to know what drives you (whether the ‘you’ is an individual, team or organisation) and having the ability to ensure that you use that knowledge to make an impact and align others to the necessary execution of the vision and the mission.

Meaningful change in the world

Many of my clients want to make meaningful change in the world, whether ‘the world’ for them is the world at large or their inner world, or the environment around them. This often translates to being able to have the right impact and influence to make meaningful change.

I often work with Exec teams to look at enhancing their collective impact, using the knowledge gained from their GC Index® as a catalyst to a change programme or a method of working more collegiately together. By creating bespoke solutions for senior teams we can make a real difference to their organisation’s success.

Judith was working with one of our senior leadership teams to surface some tensions and address areas ripe for improvement. She spent time with each team member 1-1 before creating and facilitating 2 days of team development. Those sessions had energy, connection and honesty.

She would step in and help us to reframe issues, think differently and she provided some useful tools to help us elicit fruitful insights.

What I really love about Judith is that she is honest and does not shy away from holding up the mirror when we needed it. She did this with a deftness and compassion that helped us to step into having what felt initially like it was going to be a difficult and rather negative conversation. It turned out to be neither, which was as much about the attention Jude had put into the design of the sessions as to how she guided the conversations.

The impact was the opening up of genuine honesty across the team which has been built upon since. Jude has a lot of knowledge and experience and plentiful ideas as to how to approach issues and turn them into opportunities.

I have also personally had solid counsel and support from her when I have been faced with some difficult situations. She has integrity and cares and has always been dependable and trustworthy. If you want good results, speak to Judith.

Diane Alton, OD & Leadership Development, RNLI

We catalyse transformation to make real change happen. Oh in so many ways!

When working with business owners on our 121 Accelerate Your Impact Programme we use the GC Index® tool as part of the discovery of their Core Identity™ – catalysing transformation for themselves and their business.

Whilst we work with organisations and business owners, I also love working with individuals who want to improve their impact and influence. That can often mean they want better leadership presence, improved relationships with key stakeholders and enhanced leadership capability. I offer executive coaching or an immersive mentoring programme that is a hybrid of structured learning and simulation of real live challenges. There is always a dramatic effect! Discovering their Leadership Identity™ is often awe inspiring as the execution of the mentoring leads to meaningful change on multiple levels.

Jude has deftly challenged and supported me in our work. She has been insightful in helping me recognise where I am as a senior professional and the journey forward. She is generous in sharing her own knowledge, learning and experiences. As a maverick thinker and leader, she has challenged me to look beyond what I know and to think differently about how we can lead and transform more effectively and ethically (check out her podcasts).

As a result of the work we have done together, I have had some potentially career defining “light bulb” moments as well as some practical, realistic strategies for the here and now.

Working with Jude is refreshing. She has enabled me to identify who I truly am as a leader and to think with clarity and purpose for the future. I have a renewed energy and vigour for my career as a result. You will be unsurprised to read, that I would thoroughly recommend working with Jude if you have the opportunity. I’m certain it will be an impactful, beneficial, and positive experience.

Kirsty Goulding, Associate HR Director, University of Greenwich

What do I do with The Maverick Paradox?

GCOlogist – 5 years and counting. Well, like most Mavericks (I have been defining Mavericks as ‘wilfully independent people’ since 2005), I am a polymath. I will soon be launching a new website where I will be detailing my mentoring, speaking, and writing (watch this space!). There is the leadership consultancy which is The Maverick Paradox (where myself and colleagues are able to support the whole leadership journey. From emerging leaders to Board members). There is also Maverick Paradox Media that provokes curiosity in lateral thinking and the diverse experiences and lessons from lateral thinkers from all industries and capabilities.

However, if i had to have one statement that summed up what I do with all the diverse elements of Maverick Paradox, I would state …

By catalysing transformation, I create clear thinking and decisive leaders who execute well, transform the future, awaken and align others to diverse possibilities.

You can find out more here about all the possibilities available to you here: