Post Pandemic Meanderings and Preparing for 2023


Post Pandemic Meanderings and Preparing for 2023. In many ways, the last couple of years have felt like the Wild West when it comes to business. The global pandemic not only changed the world in regards to health and how we respond to emergencies, but it also made us change the way we look at conducting business.   

As a speaker, grief recovery specialist, author and entrepreneur, I have spent the last decade creating and attending events and traveling to meet up and connect with people. I would have never guessed that I would live in a time where the freedoms I clearly took for granted could be restricted.  

I remember feeling a mix of dread, absolute confusion and panic when, in March of 2020, all of my in-person events and keynotes for the coming year were suddenly cancelled and I felt a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach as I contemplated what no business owner is ever prepared to think, “What if I have to close my business?”   

As I write this, I am very aware of how incredibly privileged and grateful I am to be looking back at that time in my life and still operating my company as all too many people were unable to do.   

The grief of losing so many loved ones, watching doors close on businesses and the uncertainty of these past years has offered me a shift in perspective and one I plan to continue exploring as we enter 2023.    

Here are some things that I am focusing on in my life and business this coming year:   

1. Health is a luxury that we cannot afford to trivialise. Focus on it, invest in it, respect it and learn about all the ways that you can increase it and keep it. This includes mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health. Oh, and do not ever sacrifice your health for anything, most especially, do not trade it for stressing over your work.   

2. After your health, there is nothing more important than the people we call family. Whether you are related or not, the loved ones who fill your heart and life with magic and joy are to be prioritised.   

3. Keep it simple. I have realised just how much “stuff” I do not need and how much peace and happiness I find in the very simple things like learning a new hobby, making things myself and just slowing down to be with the people I love. There was this closeness and a desire to have less clutter and not overconsume, that of course was due to shortages and shipping delays, but it also highlighted what matters most and what we truly need and I am choosing to keep that connection and intentional feeling going forward. I want to slow down, be present and truly enjoy what I have for sure, which is only the moment I am in.   

4. Okay, okay, obviously this is a business article, so surely, we must do business things as well. One of the main things I am incorporating into my business post-pandemic, is multiple revenue streams. We simply cannot have our eggs in one basket. Get that merchandise created, invest your money, open an online store, become an affiliate and create more products and services.   

5. Go with the flow and stay flexible. Working from home has become a lot more popular post-pandemic and I love watching employers and employees alike, thinking about how to make it easier to show up and get things done. It is less important to force yourself into a structure that doesn’t work for you. Explore different workstations, hours of operation and truly listen to the ways that you feel most productive and can still get what you need to done.   

6. Support small businesses, local companies and charities that make a difference in the world. When it comes down to it, we need to look at building our communities and helping make our world a better place. For me, this means really focusing on helping support local businesses and charities so we can make a big impact. The pandemic really reminded me what it means to help my neighbour and community. Changing the world starts in our own backyards and truly helping ease the burdens of those in need.   

7. Work smarter and not harder! Those multiple streams of income will help you focus on what you enjoy and take the pressure off. Don’t be afraid of what you do not know and remember that you don’t need to be an expert at everything. You just need to talk to one! So, if something is outside of your area of expertise or interest, ask for help!   

8. Be your own biggest fan. All too often, that imposter syndrome kicks in within your own business and I see entrepreneurs afraid to speak on their talents, gifts and services. Humility might be noble to some, but I don’t think it has a place in getting your business seen. Speaking facts is not bragging! If you can do it, are qualified and can help solve a problem, then you are doing the world a disservice by keeping it on the down low. Share what you know and how you can help, the world needs you and your business, so don’t be coy, because what we need the most right now are people ready to show up and be of service.   

9. Chase joy. Business doesn’t have to be boring or serious to be profitable. I have come to realize that when I make my work fun and attack projects that light me up, I not only get them done faster, but I am more creative and I make more money. People are attracted to fun and these past few years have truly emphasised the importance of laughter, art and creating more enjoyment in life.   

10.  And lastly, the pandemic taught me to remove distractions from my life. When the world shut down, I realised just how many things and people I was giving my time to that truly did not enhance my life. I say that with no shade or attitude, I truly think we spend way too much time worried about how we appear to others and I have redirected my focus to what I have the energy and desire to cultivate into my life and into the world. We only have so many hours in a day and our energy needs to be focused on our health, family, business, charity and joy.   

Wherever you find yourself this coming year, may you always have everything you truly need to thrive.