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What are we going to do?

What are we going to do now? This is a question many leaders across the globe are asking as our world grapples with a new pandemic that is quickly taking lives and leaving many with more questions than answers.

Leaders are now seated around virtual tables making decisions based on current updates and then suggesting mandates. They are playing a new-age leadership game of battleship where the object of the game is to avoid getting crushed by the economic and emotional impact of the COVID-19 virus.

Many leaders may see this time in our world’s history as a crisis that will cripple, paralyse, and take down organisations. Still, others see it as an opportunity to position, serve, and ignite a new culture that supports growth.

Mavericks tend to fall in the latter category as leaders. They are watching and searching for evidence of what they can do to remain connected to the organisation they serve.

They want to see ways they can bring their independence and intentions back to the organisation with creativity and innovation.

Why? Because Mavericks have a superpower and they are good at what they do. Their skills and talents can be used for great influence, direction, and implementation. However, if left with too much uncertainty and “wait and see” rhetoric, some Mavericks may use that superpower to challenge, confuse, and divide an organisation.

The Maverick is not intentionally looking to create disfunction during times of great uncertainly. However, the lack of movement, momentum, and clarity could yield this result if their power is not properly harnessed and directed.

What are we going to do now?

Perhaps you are a Maverick and you work alongside another Maverick. If so, be ready to implement these strategies to support you and your organisation’s survival. A Maverick should keep these four important concepts in mind because they drive people to either success or failure, to teamwork or mutiny …

Make observations. Observations and data collection are friends to the decisions that need to be made. Withholding judgement allows for more information to flow and avoids the broad sweeping statements and feelings that try to create anxiety and stress in an atmosphere that is already heavily charged.

Remain connected. Even during social distancing times, there are numerous ways to remain connected by leveraging technology to conduct meetings through which you can continue demonstrating your leadership skills. You may be surprised at the number of people looking to you for vision and direction.

Build up others. Survival instincts can lead to harsh and negative interactions where the marginalised and minimising behaviours are tolerated. Check what you say and how you say it before speaking and you can avoid additional trauma at work.

Avoid jumping ship too soon. The grass may appear to be greener elsewhere. Headhunters and recruiters may even be calling you. Uncertainty tends to create opportunity for certain industries. Recruiting is one of those uncertainties but not all opportunities yield long-term results. Yes, the grass that appears to be greener may simply be fake grass! Be aware and consider using your leadership skills to build and create lasting results for yourself and others.

It may be your call as a Maverick to lead the change!

Above all else, as a socialized Maverick during this time of anxiety and uncertainty, remain watchful that cultural and social connections are not sabotage and permanently harmed.

This time in our world’s history will pass and, when it does, we all need relationships and connections that have survived this battle. As a leader, victory is yours to take and give to others around you!

Raushawna Price
Raushawna Pricehttps://www.raushawnaprice.com
Raushawna Price, the Giver of Awesomeness (TM), is fiercely focused on defining bullying behaviours to support growth and healing for all she encounters. Her systematic approach allows her clients to conduct deep explorations into their bullying situations and uncover hidden talents, increased confidence and S.A.F.E.R behaviours to move forward. Her experiences as a Coach, Speaker, and Trainer has allowed her the opportunity to work with leaders in various organizations such as Shaw University, General Mills, Inc., Rolls- Royce, Renaissance West Community Initiative, World Overcomers Christian Church, Prince Chapel A.M.E. Church, Education Pioneers: Emerging Human Capital Leaders Initiative, and more. She has also been a featured speaker with OneWoman Fearless Women's Summit and Academy. She is a certified coach, international speaker, and author of the book, "Be a Giver of Awesomeness".

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