Why I Don’t Go on Vacation


Why I Don’t Go on Vacation. In the US, most people have the right to ten days of paid vacation a year. Ten tiny days where they finally get to do and be what they desire – and get paid for it. And so many spend the rest of the year longing, planning, and saving for those few days.

The way I see it, that is crazy!

What if we didn’t have to vacate our lives to come alive?

What if our lives are worthy of being lived fully, every moment of every day? And what if each of us actually knows what it takes for us to thrive?

What do I mean?

For the past 25 years, I’ve been running a personal development company with my best friend, Gary Douglas. At this point, we work with over 600 people from all around the world and many of them, including myself, have not had a “proper” vacation in years. With those 600 stalwart souls we manage to interact with tens of thousands of people around the world in the course of our business.

Don’t get me wrong; I am not saying I don’t have days when I get tired or need a break. Of course, I do! But I am no longer judging those days as bad, wrong, or wasted. Instead, I welcome them, slowly re-training myself to relax into the non-doing as an essential part of creating my life.

What if we didn’t have to define days as “on” or “off”?
What if relaxation is actually the best starting point for creation?

And what if you know what you require – and when?

Since we’re in the personal development business, we continuously explore what works for people when it comes to recharging themselves. What we’ve discovered is that it is different for everyone. (And I mean everyone!)

Some people love having a day to play freely now and then – or just a few hours. Others desire extended breaks from everything and everyone on a regular basis. Some people relax by lying on the beach with a margarita. Others get energy from nature, cooking a meal, or writing a book. And all this varies over time as life (and people) keep changing.

However, what does seem to be true for everyone is that they start to thrive when they get to choose and learn to follow their own unique rhythms in life and work.

Though not as easy as it sounds, it’s a crucial element in creating an organization in which people have a sense of thriving.

Unfortunately, most people have no idea what works for them. We’ve been taught to follow the rules and structures of our families and cultures – like the idea that ten days of vacation is necessary and the only way.  Oh enough. Basta!

So, for you to know that you know and what you know, a reset may be required where you let go of all the ideas that structure our lives into free time versus work time. And then, from that blank space, start asking questions that you don’t have a ready-made answer for:

What do you truly desire?
What do you truly require?
What makes you come alive?

What is possible for you that you’ve never considered?

What if truly being you was the starting point for how you create your days, your work, and your future?

Many years ago, I wrote the book Being You, Changing the World, which explores this idea in depth. Today, it has been translated into over 20 languages, and the very idea of BEING YOU even has its own international day – June 22.

Today, being you is at the core of everything we teach. And as a company, we try to create a judgment-free zone where people are acknowledged for who they are, not just for what they do. A place where they get to hone their skills of choosing – and by choosing, finding out what works for them, who they are, and what they can become. 

And no, we don’t always succeed. Our societies are so focused on the value of output that the idea of creating from choice, relaxation, and being is close to impossible for some. It takes a willingness to get things wrong and even be vilified sometimes to keep moving forward, against the grain, toward a different future.   

But we keep going. From experience, we know that the greatest platform a company can have is employees who are encouraged to function from questions and learn to tap into their unique capacities both when it comes to creating and recharging.

Come explore with us on the International Being You Day this year? You can join in from wherever you are – in the office, at home, or on that beach with a margarita. 

Vacation is definitively not a prerequisite for you to celebrate you!

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Dr Dain Heer
Dr. Dain Heer is an internationally renowned entrepreneur, speaker, and best-selling author. Heer is the co-founder of a diverse range of businesses worldwide, including El Lugar, a resort in Costa Rica that utilizes biodynamic land management, and Castello di Casalborgon, a luxurious castle in Italy. A conscious and creative business leader with a profound understanding of the power of entrepreneurship, Dr. Heer draws upon his personal experience and unique perspective to invite people from every culture, country, age, and social strata to create the money, business and life they truly desire. In addition to his diverse business portfolio, Dr. Heer is the co-creator of Access Consciousness, a personal development organization operating in 176 countries, and the Founder of International Being You Day. He is the author of multiple books, including Being You, Changing the World, which you can discover at www.drdainheer.com.