Alpha 2023 – this year is better


Alpha 2023 – this year is better. At least this is the hope on everybody’s lips. We were in shock in 2020, it was the year of the Great Resignation in 2021, and the year of the Great Disappointment in 2021 … so it really can only get better, can’t it?

Yes, let’s hope so. Is hope enough? Only if it comes with action, a determination to take the steps we know and can lead us down the path to success. Whether that is success at work, home or both.

My question to you is … what are you determined to do?

I will definitely aim to pace myself better this year, taking more time to relax and take up pursuits that are not related to my work. I also intend to double down on the things that I enjoy about my work and do more of them. I have certainly loved the in-person work of last year. There is something about being in a room full of people, surfing on the energy and pulsating yours back. That being said the virtual work has allowed me to reach more people globally and that has been a great deal of fun too.

Can you sense the contradiction? I certainly can, and recognise the need to be aware of paradoxes and maintaining balance in all my endeavours.

These are my reflections of last year.

Alpha 2023 – this year is better. So, what do I hope for this year?

Firstly, like last year, I pause and enjoy the quiet of early morning, whilst anticipating the change of the New Year. I still ponder on the many things that remain uncertain. For example, will we crash into a deep recession? Will the cost of living crises affect my corporate clients and will more entrepreneurs shut up shop? Will my new strategy pay off or will it need constant nudging into the right direction as new challenges spring up? (Probably!)

I can’t really affect any of that, although I will endeavour to continue to support others on their journeys. Whether that is via mentoring, training, consulting or other interventions to increase leadership capability, presence and influence. I will stand ready to assist where I can.

I can see a lot of my energy being spent helping leaders and organisations amplify their influence, and assisting my clients enhance their leadership capability by utilising the principles of Maverick Leadership. To that end, Maverick Paradox will also launch new products and services to help the manager transition into a leader. Watch this space for more news on this.

Alpha 2023 – this year is better

  • This year sees me taking more time out for personal reflection and growth, I didn’t really do that last year.
  • I will continue to develop my LinkedIn Newsletter – Leadership is personal, where I share Maverick Insights on thriving in a complex, constantly changing world. Do check it out.
  • I will also continue hosting and developing: The Maverick Paradox Podcast which is now in the top 2% global most popular podcasts up from being in the top 5% this time last year!
  • I will continue to be the Editor of The Maverick Paradox Magazine, sourcing great writers and sharing their insight with the world.
  • This year also sees me continuing as HRZone’s Leadership Columnist and Culture Pioneer Judge.
  • I will write book 2!
  • The launch of the 6 week Amplify Your Influence Intensive Group Programme will take place later this year.
  • The launch of my ‘How Influential are you?’ Scorecard later this month. If you want to make a real difference this year – then you must take 5 minutes and complete it. You can do it here.
  • Continued C-Suite mentoring and Maverick Leadership is also on the cards for this year.
  • More interviews and public speaking also, as well as the development of a new website!
  • I’m also looking to have a couple more partnerships in place

Whilst we are not still in the midst of the pandemic, we are still uncertain with many variables clouding our ability to judge the best next move. We need to set our Strategic Direction, and bend with the winds of change, being like the Willow, bending but not breaking in the face of strong winds.

What’s your strategic direction for 2023? Let me know if you need unbiased, objective assistance in getting there.