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Anthony Munday

Anthony Munday was educated at Alleyne’s Grammar School, Old Stevenage, and the University of Sheffield. He ‘served and protected’ for 34 years with Hertfordshire Constabulary as a police officer. Anthony was regarded as a ‘maverick ‘senior leader. He learnt and developed coaching as a leadership style. This was in contradistinction to the prevailing culture of command and control. Anthony is an independent leadership consultant. He has recently published a book which distils his leadership expertise. It’s called ‘The ESSENTIAL Heart of a Leader’. Anthony is also an independent ACAS accredited mediator. His expertise is to bring tranquillity out of trauma, amongst conflicted senior teams. Anthony is accredited in Structured Debriefing. In essence gathering the relevant people together to ensure lessons are learnt by organisations, and change ensues. In 2006, he conducted the structured debrief on behalf of the National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) into the significant protest involving climate camp activists. The subsequent NPIA Report formed the basis of ‘Adapting to Protest’ Manual of Guidance, this utilised the lessons learnt from the debrief. It is still relevant today.

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