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Joel Ong

Joel Ong is the Creator of “Expert To Authority” System, a video coaching program which helps experts and business owners to become the foremost authority in their industry in 90 days through planning, creating and implementing videos with only their smartphone. Over the last 6 years, Joel has been offered partnerships with brands as a Video Strategist in the US, EU, China, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore from an Ultra Music Festival International DJ and World’s Top #10 Wingsuit Athlete, to non-profit organisations such as The Salvation Army, and travel brands such as Flipagram, Poker Refugees, and The Hub. Joel has been interviewed on several podcasts including: Dragons Den Slayer Caner Veli’s “Ask Caner Show”, Caroline Balinska’s “Winning With Shopify”, and Tony Winyard’s Exceeding Expectations Podcast. Joel is also the host of the "Entrepreneurs Tribe Podcast", a no BS show to listeners across 30 countries, featuring purpose-driven celebrities, models, thought leaders, 7-9 figure founders, moguls, experts, and global speakers on their journey to impact the world.

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