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Rebel with joy

Rebel with Joy. Yes, even now.

These days can be heavy and difficult for many, many reasons that span the personal, professional, political, local, global. We have more reasons than we need to be downtrodden, frustrated, overwhelmed, worries, and even panicked.

And I will not argue you out of a healthy, human wave of emotional response. In fact, I will join in for a few moments on an irregular pattern.

What I will offer is a challenge to me and to you to choose our internal experience. I challenge us to rebel with joy because joy is rebellion.

Judith and I spoke about this on her podcast and rebelling with joy has only gotten more important. Because at this time, what could be more revolutionary, more rebellious than joy?

Yes, we are isolated in our homes. And what an opportunity to connect, slow down, take a nap, practice saying ‘no’ with the BEST excuse ever, and strengthen the muscle of choosing a mindset from within.

Yes, physical connection and presence is suddenly limited dramatically. And now we have the chance to use our words while we talk, discuss, explore with the people we share our homes with. We also have the chance to move based the external and go deeper into the internal through phone calls and Skype.

Yes, for some of us work is still pressing, but now from home with colleagues who are all suddenly at home too. And we are already relishing in the experience of all those meetings that CAN be emails.

They really can!

Yes, income for many is either already changing or is expected to. And, with isolation, maybe we have the opportunity to take a very strict and very close review of how we spend or money and why. Even detail out a budget of absolute essentials.

Yes, we are worried about our health, our loved ones’ health, our community’s health, our global health. And, wow suddenly do we have a strong, present reminder of the health we so frequently take for granted.

We have a choice each and every moment to be quietly, confidently, calmly joyful.

For example, I have taken to reciting a prayer for loving kindness each time I wash my hands:

May all beings be safe.
May all beings be content.
May all beings be healthy.
May all beings live with ease.

I am finding joy and solace in this Ho’oponopono Prayer. Can you read this without your heart becoming lighter?

I’m sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.
I love you.

Your internal experience is your choice. My internal experience is my choice. We can make our choice even in these times that can feel heavy.

So, go, dear reader, fellow human, maverick powerhouse, go: chose joy.


Nicole Trick Steinbach
Nicole Trick Steinbachhttps://www.TrickSteinbach.com
Nicole Trick Steinbach is a global career coach and change management consultant. She is known for inspiring change through deep connections, brave insights, and radical responsibility. She’s worked in over 25 countries and lived in Europe for over 13 years before the mountains of Colorado called her name. She said goodbye to a snazzy corporate title, Senior Global Director of Change and Communications, in August 2019. She is now nurturing her coaching and consulting business focused on inspiring others to embrace their natural, unique fierceness so that, together, we transform the world.

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