Happy 6th Podcastary!


Happy 6th Podcastary! Maverick Paradox Media is for the pathologically curious (whether they are an entrepreneur or a leader within an organisation) who seek to learn from lateral thinkers, including how to execute maverick thinking. We provide a Maverick perspective on the world arounds us.

Judith Germain founded the Maverick Paradox Podcast in 2017 because she wanted to have interesting conversations with experts in their field, conversations that demonstrate that Maverick Leadership exists, everywhere. The podcast highlights diverse and lateral thinking and encapsulates four themed shows.

The Maverick Paradox Podcast

The top 5 countries for listeners:

  • UK
  • US
  • Ireland
  • Canada (In 2022 Brazil held the fourth spot, now holding the sixth spot)
  • Trinidad and Tobago

The podcast has changed a lot since 2017! The first ever podcast was with Curtis Tappenden where Judith discussed Maverick attributes. You can listen to where it all started. Oh and the cover art back then was her book cover. Her book was published only a few months earlier that same year.

An intriguing episode of 2017/2018 is:

Episode 14Annabel Kaye: the nature of Maverick women and transrational thinkers

The conversation is good – the style of the podcast … niave! After 370 episodes we’ve improved somewhat!

Excellent interviewer

Judith is not only able to get interesting people on her show, she makes them more interesting with her excellent interviewing skill. At a time where every other show is the same old self-promotion, this show actually teaches me something.”

Ben Guttman via Apple Podcasts

Happy 6th Podcastary!

The popular Maverick Paradox Podcast is for the pathologically curious and has recorded more than 370 episodes, has been listened to in 160 countries. It is in the top global 1.5% most popular podcasts and this year we moved from #11 to #2 best UK Leadership podcast to follow in 2023. The most popular episode on “lessons from a serial entrepreneur” has more than 21,000 listens.
The podcast has explored topics with a diverse range of guests, including fighter pilots, millionaires, comedians, authors and neurodiverse individuals.

What they all have in common is that they will challenge you to think differently, will share with you real nuggets of information, and demonstrate that maverick (wilfully independent) thinking can make a real difference to your mindset and ability to be successful.

Some intriguing episodes of 2019 – 2023 are:

  • 2019 – Episode 49Rajan Shankara: discusses his Warrior Monk journey to becoming a Socialised Maverick from the depths of Extreme Maverickism.

2020 – Episode 76Woosh Raza: the uncomfortable conversation about Black Lives Matter and how UK employers need to respond.

2021 – Episode 156Simone Vincenzi: how entrepreneurs can be real leaders. This is a Maverick Paradox @ KLDR Radio episode.

2022 – Episode 192William Adams: Maverick Leadership and self-determination. This is a Maverick Paradox @ KLDR Radio episode.

2023 – Episode 271Robert Kerbeck: Ruse – the great corporate spy.

Judith creates clear thinking and decisive leaders, and the Maverick Paradox catalyses transformation. This is why we at Maverick Paradox Media is committed to publishing The Maverick Paradox Podcast with these intentions in mind.

Maverick – 5 Stars!

Always engaging and informative, Jude is a master MC that selects diverse guests and makes them comfortable enough to really converse. In a world of carefully rehearsed podcast banter engineered to elicit sponsorship more than discourse, her curiosity and care really shines.”

James Smith via Apple Podcasts

Shows have covered a number of topics that are useful for entrepreneurs, leaders from within organisations and pathologically curious. Whether that is sharing specific industry expertise like how to pitch to VCs, topics that improve self mastery and communication, explaining how to be a Disruptive Entrepreneur with Rob Moore.

Judith Germain as founder of Maverick Paradox Media has been recognised for her efforts:

1) Judith is a Finalist in The Great British Businesswoman Awards – Category: Media Businesswoman.

The Great British Businesswoman Awards were established to recognise, celebrate, and support women in business, highlighting their achievements and contributions while fostering the next generation of female business leaders.

The Media Businesswoman Award is a prestigious category that celebrates exceptional women who have made significant contributions to the media industry in the United Kingdom.

This accolade recognises their outstanding achievements, innovative leadership & vision, social responsibility, diversity and entrepreneurial spirit within the ever-evolving media landscape. The Media Businesswoman Award is a testament to the remarkable individuals who have made a lasting impact on the media sector through their vision, determination, and groundbreaking initiatives.

The Media Businesswoman Award aims to honour an outstanding female entrepreneur who has made a lasting impact on the media industry, within television, print, broadcasting, outdoor or Out of Home (OOH), transit and digital /new media/internet.. The winner will serve as an inspiration to aspiring businesswomen and contribute to raising the bar for excellence within the media sector in the United Kingdom.

2) Judith is a Finalist in the She Inspires Awards – Category: Women in Digital.

This recognition celebrates the extraordinary contributions of women in the digital sector, who have not only excelled in their respective fields but have also showcased outstanding use of digital technology and techniques to uplift others and foster inclusivity and innovation within their communities.

You can learn unexpected things such as how Mavericks introduce chaos as empowerment, from Judith’s conversation (episode 366) with John Mark Williams, CEO of the Institute of Leadership. Duro Oye challenges us by asking if the diversity battle has changed (episode 352).

We are inspired by those that want to help us empathise and support those experiencing loss and grief through the power of community like Reverend Kevin Lewis (episode 273 – loss, grief and community), who build impressive businesses like John C Morley (episode 351 – the mindset of a serial entrepreneur), who make us consider maverick leadership in new ways such as when Judith Germain was interviewed by Patrick Fitzmaurice on his Change Cultivators Podcast. They talk about wilful independence, Maverick Leadership and the Swagger of Socialised Mavericks. (This was in 3 parts: Episode 204, Episode 205 and Episode 206).

how leadeing through example and with authenticity is achieved

This podcast is a treasure chest of knowledge and shared wisdom for all who understand that we can only be authentic and inspiring leaders when we stop looking solely around, trying to copy others. the conversations and guests bring interesting perspectives and tools they used to find their own …”.

Podcast Listener via Apple Podcasts

Of course this is The Maverick Paradox Podcast so expect to learn about Maverick Leadership directly from Judith Germain. This might be in the episodes where she speaks to the audience without a guest or in her questioning and discussive manner. We have also included some of the podcast episodes that she has been invited to guest on, therefore enabling our audience to find other great podcasts.

For example in Episode 244 Judith Germain spoke to Devin Halliday on being the Professional Maverick. They discussed why Mavericks preferred to align rather than belong and the different types of Mavericks.

Happy 6th Podcastary!

There are many ways to listen to The Maverick Paradox Podcast. It is available on all the popular podcast platforms and apps such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Clever FM, Audible, Amazon Music and many more. You can listen through the browser:

You can follow The Maverick Paradox Podcast on LinkedIn, here on the magazine, on its own dedicated page, from the front page of The Maverick Paradox Magazine, or on our website The Maverick Paradox. You can also ask Alexa to play The Maverick Paradox Podcast for you.

How do you prefer to listen to The Maverick Paradox Podcast? What topics would you like us to cover in the next year?

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